Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama - Biden campaign cards

Obama-Biden '08

The art is my original work, and I printed up 1000 of these business card size Obama - Biden '08 campaign cards to pass out during these last few weeks leading up to the election. Here's the file, and you are no longer welcome to download it - the election is over.

This file, is no longer available - the election is over.

If you would like me to have 500 or 1000 of these cards printed and delivered to you in the continental U. S., send me the money through PayPal (below) and I'll do it . . . for the next week or so. After that, there will not be enough time before the election to get them to you.



- 2 in. wide by 3.5 in. tall
- 14 pt. heavy gloss card stock
- 4 color process on one side - blank backside
- Gloss UV finish

500 cards for $29.00 (includes shipping)
1000 cards for $39.00 (includes shipping)
(Payment through PayPal)

Continental United States only, please.

Ships from Cleveland, Ohio.


Tom Fox
Carmen-Thomas Designs
1704 Brentmoor Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40223

tomwfox at gmail dot com

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