Friday, May 9, 2008

Royalty-free photos from NASA

Some of the most fascinating photographs I've seen have come from the space program. NASA photo - astronaut on moonThis photo of a space-suited astronaut standing on the dusty surface of the moon, nearly 40 years ago, is a never-ending source of wonder for me.

One quirk of the U.S. copyright law is that photos produced by the U.S. Government are not protected by copyright. This means that anyone, including you, can use them for free.

I have used several of NASA's space photos to create 7 business card designs you can download and use as you wish. The links to the download files are on the Bodacious Group Home.

Obviously, you will have to add your own text.

NASA photo - view of planet MarsNASA photo - view of planet Earth from space

You can also find a great collection of NASA photographs here:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Earth Images
JPL terms of use

NASA Image Gallery
NASA terms of use

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