Monday, May 5, 2008

Rethinking business cards

After looking at thousands of business cards over a lifetime, a person has a good idea what they are, what they are for, and what to expect. A name, address, phone number, and various other methods of contact, with a logo perhaps or a photo of a grinning face, and there you have your basic business card. What more is there? When was the last time you were surprised and delighted by a business card?

I have a different way to look at business cards.

I see a business card as a blank two-sided canvas. With about 7 square inches per side, a business card presents a very small blank canvas to work upon, but its blankness stands as an open invitation to print anything I wish in any style I can imagine.

The utter sameness of the business cards I've seen over the years tells me that there is a vast unexplored gap between the unquestioned business card conventions and the untapped potential.

The small size, portability, and picayune cost of business cards make them a perfect marketing tool. The ideal is to have a "you gotta look at this" or a "put this one on the bulletin board" type business card. You can have seasonal business cards, holiday business cards, humorous business cards, pin-up girl business cards, special offer business cards, limited time business cards, and inspirational message business cards, or more.

This is much too good to keep to myself, so I started this blog to share my ideas.

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