Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Political campaign cards: Obama cards

Two Obama cardsA business card is usually a rectangular piece of paper card stock with about seven square inches of printing space on each side. But, the beauty of the situation is that you can use the blank card stock to print fairly much anything you want, within the limits of imagination and good taste.

Color business cards are ideally suited to promote political candidates. These campaign cards are small, inexpensive, and can be handed out personally with great abandon. That is to say, profusely.

The reverse side of the the card can be printed with candidate biographical information, important voter information, a calendar of upcoming events, or inspirational quotes from the candidate's speeches. Think outside the business card.

Think small and think person-to-person. Color political candidate cards are targeted grassroots marketing. They are the opposite of big media blast advertising.

The Obama campaign cards shown here are not only suggestions to show what is possible, they are also free art created to the technical specifications and requirements of VistaPrint. In other words, you can download these files and send them to VistaPrint and have a few (250) or quite a few (thousands) printed up quickly and inexpensively.

However inspired the Obama campaign has been, it has missed a few neat tricks here and there. What every grassroots Obama supporter needs is a pocket full of Barack Obama mini-posters to hand out. Yes, they look like business cards and they smell like business cards, but they are really Obama-cards.

You have to be a self-motivated do-it-yourselfer, but the downloads are free and the printing is easy, courtesy of me and by blog Bodacious Business Cards.

Two Obama cardsFirst, download all or any of these business card design files to your computer:

Obama card 1 download

Obama card 2 download

Obama card 3 download

Then, send the files to VistaPrint for printing:

VistaPrint 80% discount business card link

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